Wheel Balancer

Amsan is a leading supplier of high-quality wheel balancing machines in Canada. Wheel balancing machines from Amsan help identify areas on a wheel that are out of weight balance and allow technicians to quickly correct issues. We offer the most diverse and complete range of wheel balancing machines available on the market. We carry a complete range of wheel balancing equipment that are designed to meet an entire range of vehicle needs, including regular vehicle wheel balancers, truck wheel balancers, motorcycle wheel balancers, and specialty attachments.

Amsan offers you the best quality wheel balancing machines.

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Wheel Balancing Machines


Amsan’s AM-WB10810A wheel balancer handles wheels up to 26” in diameter. It has digital Sensor technology providing excellent reliability. Amsan wheel balancers are simple to use, and their rugged designs endure the demands of busy commercial shops. Rugged welded steel frame and other features combine to make this balancer one of the most powerful, and durable machines you’ll ever buy. This tire balancer is built with a modern design.

This machine is equipped with 4 different sizes of cones and a quick nut adapter which makes mounting and demounting wheels fast without the risk of wheel damage. These extra tools make the job more accurate, fast, and profitable. AM-WB10810A comes with 5 balancing modes (dynamic, static, alu1, alu2, alus) for differently shaped alloy rims. It has easy to read display board and ergonomic keypad which improves efficiency and accurate balancing techniques. The Amsan AM-WB10810A is the perfect choice for high-volume workshops.

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Wheel Balancing Machines for Truck


This rugged heavy-duty truck tire balancer is ideal for high-speed bus, car, truck, industrial, and agricultural wheels with rims from 10 inches to 28 inches. Built with advanced technology this wheel balancer is suitable for balancing wheels with big rim holes with high precision. It has multiple balance options which are suitable for all types of tire balancing. This tire balancing machine is designed with high intelligence and high stability and has the auto converting mode capabilities of big and small wheels that make it a more versatile machine. This machine has become the number one choice for heavy-duty shop professionals.

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How to Choose the Right wheel balancer?

Questions you need to ask in determining the best wheel balancer.

What types of wheels do the techs intend to service?

And what size wheels will the techs service?

What is the largest rim diameter size you need?

How easy is it to use?

Finding the right wheel balancer is important to the success of any shop.

There are two main types of wheel balancers that are available in the market. These are static and dynamic wheel balancers. It is crucial to know that many wheel balancer machines come with both options. Knowing the difference between both of the options can help you choose the right tire/wheel service equipment for your shop. Let’s start by discussing the vital distinctions between static and dynamic wheel balancing.

Static Wheel Balance

Static wheel balancing works without moving the wheels. They use the weight at only one point inside the wheel to measure the imbalance. The tire is placed on a vertical axis and secured, within seconds you can check the tire using a gauge or oil-filled glass sight if the wheel is imbalanced. In the modern world, this method is used very rarely.

Dynamic Wheel Balancing

Dynamic balancing requires the wheel to rotate. This type of balancing does not rely on manual assessment of the weight irregularities and involves computer sensors to ensure precision in balancing the wheel.

Here at Amsan we carry wheel balancers that are equipped with both static and dynamic balancing, apply to steel and aluminum rims.

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