Shipping Policy

On rare occasions, an order will leave our facility but will not be delivered to the client by the shipping carrier selected. Please keep in mind that the correctness of your shipping is completely your responsibility. The delivery address must be correct and appropriate for accepting packages from the delivery service. If a package is returned to us by the shipping carrier, you will be responsible for the cost of re-shipment. Amsan Sales Ltd. cannot guarantee that the ordered products will arrive on a specific date or time. Any estimate given for a delivery date or time frame is just an estimate. You must tell Amsan Sales Ltd. at the time of order if you want to merchandise in a certain time period. Most products will arrive in 3-8 days, however, some may more time depending on various variables. Amsan Sales Ltd. is not liable for any additional costs incurred by the client as a result of renting equipment for unloading or other reasons linked to receiving the merchandise. If the freight provider gives the client a delivery date, but unforeseen circumstances cause the cargo to be delayed longer, Amsan Sales Ltd. will not be liable in this case. Any delivery date stated by Amsan Sales Ltd. or the freight carrier is only an estimate and not a guarantee of delivery. Depending on the item being sent, the amount, the time, and the destination, a variety of shippers may be employed to deliver the goods. Larger products may require a loading dock or other specific equipment to be removed from the delivery truck. The risk and the title of all material sold pass on to the buyer upon Amsan Sales Ltd.’s delivery to the shipping company at the point of shipment whether or not the customer pays all or/and any part of the shipping charges. In cases where Amsan Sales Ltd. provides delivery with its own transportation, the title and risk of loss will pass upon unloading material at the destination point.

Customers are responsible for supplying these resources. Unless alternative arrangements have been made, the client is responsible for offloading heavy truck freight cargo from the delivery vehicle (such as liftgate delivery). A liftgate delivery and/or home delivery will incur additional fees. Some things are too big to fit through a liftgate. Unless otherwise agreed, the customer is also responsible for product installation. If the customer fails to adhere to the Amsan Sales Ltd. installation requirements and instructions for installation and operation, the warranty may be voided. The customer is liable for paying a re-delivery charge if the freight company attempts delivery and no one is available to receive the cargo, resulting in a subsequent re-delivery attempt. If a client has to re-direct shipment to a different delivery address after the product has already been delivered, there may be additional costs. If the freight carrier has to keep the merchandise because the client has been unable to obtain it for some days, the consumer may be liable for storage costs. It is the obligation of the client to check the shipment upon arrival and refuse it if it is damaged. Regardless matter what the truck driver claims, you have the right to check the package. If an item does not appear to be damaged but appears to have the potential to be damaged, the client should write this on the carrier waybill when signing for shipping. It is the client’s obligation to make a claim with the shipping carrier if an item is damaged during shipment and the customer has already accepted/received the package.

Any hidden freight damage must be reported to the freight carrier and Amsan Sales Ltd. within 48 hours. All types of claims for goods that are lost or damaged during transit must be made exclusively by the buyer/customer against the carrier.  Customers must open all packages and inventory equipment within 48 hours of receipt to ensure that the product was received fully and inform us immediately if there are any issues or missing components. When it comes to processing and shipping orders, we have a lot of expenses. We will reimburse the client minus a 3% merchant credit card processing charge if the order is canceled before the item ships but after payment has been completed. This is a non-refundable fee that merchant accounts impose on every transaction. Any orders that are canceled after the item has shipped but have not yet been received by the client may be charged shipping fees. They might also be charged a restocking fee.