Are there specific requirements for a floor or foundation to support Amsan lift?

Hoists have specific requirements to secure them to a concrete base. Make sure the concrete is thick enough to support the hoist. The minimum thickness recommended is 180mm (7”). Also, make sure the concrete is in good condition and free of large cracks. Please refer to lift’s manual for Concrete Specification. Failure to follow the manual could result in personal injury or death.

Are Amsan lifts available in different voltages?

Yes, Amsan lifts come with different voltages. Please call us for further details.

Does Amsan lifts come with the necessary anchor bolts and/or hardware for the installation?

Yes, all Amsan lifts come with the necessary anchors required for installing the unit to the floor.

What is the ceiling height required for a Amsan lifts?

The required ceiling height for Amsan lifts will depend on the lift model, as well the intended vehicle. You can refer to the product specification page on our website for further details. Or you can contact us for details.

Does Amsan lifts come with hydraulic fluid?

Due to current department of transportation and insurance laws regarding the transport of hydraulic oils the needed hydraulic fluid is to be supplied by the end-user only. All AMSAN Lifts require DEXRON III ATF FLUID.

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