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Amsan is a leading Canadian car lift supplier in Canada. We have a range of quality car lifts, tire changers, and wheel balancers available at wholesale prices.  Here at Amsan, you”ll find quality car lifts whether you’re a professional looking for a car lift for your business or a DIY enthusiast looking for a car lift for your garage. For expert advice, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our Amsan sales representatives who will be happy to assist you.

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two post lift


The two-post vehicle lift is a very common and versatile lift. This type of lift can be used on most vehicles and has easy access to most mechanical work. Two post lifts by Amsan are available in several different models:

•  Floor Plate

•  Clear Floor

•  Symmetric – Where both posts are parallel to each other, and the arms are the same length.

•  Asymmetric – These lifts are where the front arms are short and the back arms are longer, and both posts are turned at an angle. With the different lengths of the arms, you can get in and out of the vehicle without worrying about hitting the posts.

•  SuperSymmetric – Where both posts are parallel to each other and arms are at different lengths, which allows the most width between the columns providing better flexibility for both lifting methods and drive-through clearance.

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four post lift


Two-post lift versus the four-post lift, the former needs to be anchored to the floor. The four-post lift is very stable and can be operated without anchoring. Mobility is one of the major benefits of four-post lifts over two-post lifts. Think about the flooring’s thickness and your ability to pay for securing the lift to the ground. The Anchor model is for you if you deal with the biggest cars and require the most support. The four-post lifts can add extra storage space for garages to accept vehicles for extended periods of time if your garage space is limited.

Four post lifts are available in several different models:


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Car lift portable scissor lift


If you’re a fan of hydraulic lifts that make your work faster and safer. There are many special lifts out there to meet all your needs and help you have the power you need, anywhere and everywhere. Enjoy more mobility with the same lifting force and safety you need to work with. This lift-buying guide will help you find the right option for your needs. The most popular choice of specialty lifts that are perfect for any business is portable lifts. There are various models such as scissor lifts, single-post lifts, low-rise lifts, and portable lifts.
Specialty lifts  are available in several different models:

• Single Post Lifts

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• Motorcycle Lifts

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• Scissor Portable Lifts

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two post parking lift


Parking lifts help with vehicle storage and multi-vehicle parking management. If you need extra space to store your vehicle, the best option is a parking lift. Here at Amsan we offer a variety of different parking lift options to accommodate different vehicles & garage spaces.

• Parking Lifts

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• Single Deck Scissor Lift

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• Double Deck Scissor Lift

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Choosing the right lift is not always easy due to the many factors to consider, from use, size, and quality to price and installation. Here you can find all the relevant information to make your decision easier.

Before purchasing a new lift, it’s important to consider which one suits your needs.

Check Adequate Spacing for a Lift

Make sure the garage is large enough for the new hoist. When surveying a garage or workshop, check for obstacles such as garage door openers, door rails, and stairs. In your garage or workshop area, look for items such as shelves and workbenches that may interfere with the installation and proper operation of your lift. The garage must be able to accommodate the lift. The depth of the garage determines which lift is best for you. Think again about potential obstacles that can interfere with the proper installation and operation of the lift like if your ceiling is low or there are other overhead obstacles, like a garage door or heating and ventilation installations. The required ceiling height for the Amsan lift depends on the model of the lift and the vehicle used.

For more help on how to select your car lift? check out our buyer’s guide

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For expert advice and support, please contact one of our Amsan sales representatives who will be happy to assist you throughout the planning process, to ensure you choose the product that best suits your requirements.