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Helping our customers in making the right decisions just a little bit easier through our buyer’s guide.

Are you tired of having to constantly lift cars with jacks and lay on your back on the cold concrete under them?

There is a reason that most automotive workshops use car lifts. But can you have the same luxury in your garage or shed at home?


It can be overwhelming when we have so many brands in the market like Rotary, BendPak, Challenger, ATLAS, Dannmar, Lift King, and more.

But at Amsan we strive to give our customers the knowledge they need to make an informed decision to buy a high-quality lift at a reasonable price. Check out our handy guides to help you make the right choice of product for your shop or home garage.

To get you started with Amsan lift selections check out our fast-selling car lifts.

Two-Post Lift Buyer’s Guide

Whether you are a DIY working in your own garage or in a commercial shop, making the right choice for your two post lift is important. The right two-post lift can help make your shop more productive and profitable. With our 2 post buyers guide, the next lift purchase decision can become one you are proud of.

2-Post Lift Guide

Four-Post Lift Buyer’s Guide

The 4 post automotive lift is used widely across the automotive industry and in home garages across the world for vehicle service and storage. Knowing what to look for and what features make certain lifts better than others will make your life easier and your profits higher. Check out our 4 post buyers guide to get a better understanding of the lift.

4-Post Lift Guide

Tire Changer Buyer’s Guide

Tire changers from the wheel service family are one of the most essential pieces of equipments that any shop or garage owner will have to make a choice for and there are many things that you may need to consider when shopping for one. Check out the Tire changer buyers guide that will allow you to be as knowledgeable as possible before making a purchase.

Tire Changer Guide

Wheel Balancer Buyer’s Guide

Any time you purchase a new wheel balancer, there are a lot of options and questions to consider. Before you shop for your next wheel balancer, check out our Wheel balancer buyers guide.

Wheel Balancer Guide

Handyman / DIY Lift Buyer’s Guide

So, you are exploring your option for buying a car lift for your home garage. But don’t know which car lift to choose? Check out our DIY lift guide to help you decide.

DIY Lift Guide

Parking Lift / Solution Buyer’s Guide

Car dealerships or Auto shops or commercial parking garages might be looking to expand their parking and auto service capacity. Check out our Parking Solution Buyers Guide to explore our Residential Parking Lifts, Commercial Parking Lifts, and Custom Parking Lifts

Parking Solution Guide

Ready to make your choice?

When it comes down to it any of Amsan vehicle lifts are guaranteed to make your life easier to work on your pride and joy. Amsan has a wide range of vehicle lift collections. Whatever you might need, you are in the right place, and hope our buyer’s guide has helped you decide which model is best suited to the space you have available.

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