The most used equipment in a shop is the lift that technicians use all day and every day and that’s why choosing the best lift is essential. If you’re considering buying a 4 post lift, our guide can help you decide which type of four-post lift would work best for your needs.

Four post lifts give you extra strength and efficiency when working on vehicles. You don’t have to lie down on your back all day when working under the vehicle. They can help take away the stress and effort of your work. They make the work easier and faster. Whether you are a professional, high-volume shop, DIY mechanic, or hobbyist, there are many factors to consider to help you narrow down your selection.

Your intent to use the four-post lift is it for storage, parking, or vehicle alignment will help you select the right type of four-post lift.


Four post lifts can operate freestanding due to their extra stability. And this is one of the best advantages is the ability to be mobile. On the contrary, you must anchor the two post lift to the floor. Four-post lift offers more flexibility with the caster kit that comes with the lift. In professional facilities, for more rugged use and heavier vehicles, four post lifts must be anchored to the ground to provide maximum stability.

Some models of four post lifts are dedicated to providing storage for your vehicles. These lifts allow the creation of two parking spaces in one.

You must check your garage space and your typical vehicle size so that you will be performing maintenance and repairs or using the lift vehicle for storage. Four post lifts come in different capacity ranges. Four post-commercial-grade lifts are used for heavier vehicles like trucks.

Four posts lifts may be a bit expensive. But if you’re looking for mobility, capacity, and storage, you can’t go wrong with a four-post lift.

4 post lifts are the most economical and durable vehicle lifts on the market. At Amsan all the power units for 4 post lifts are ETL certified for both Canada and the USA. This certification is widely recognized by electrical inspectors.

Amsan four-post vehicle lifts are sturdy, high-quality lifts. Four-post lifts are great for storage or service. We provide you with the best value available for the four-post lift. We want you to have the absolute best lift for the best price and we are confident that we can provide you with that lift. Success in your new business or in your own home garage is important to us. We make it affordable to start your business or have your own dream garage at home. Our 4-post lift comes with more features at a better price than any other lift on the market. Our four-post lift has many features that will give you confidence when you purchase one.

Get a quality four-post auto lift for your home or garage at the best price

Check out below our best-seller options in 4 Post car lift.

4 post lift 9000lb-AM-FPL9


Amsan’s 9,000-lb capacity 4 post-car lift is known for its versatility. This model is a true space-saving technology. This commercial-grade, four-post parking lift is a great addition to commercial and residential garages with limited spaces. Amsan four post lift Commercial grade Rugged design and high bearing capacity parking lift is the perfect solution for Vans, cars, and light duty truck repairs. Rugged design with exceptional features allows you to double your parking space instantly. Its versatility makes it useful as a car repair shoplift. With a total post height of 91.41” allowing it to be installed in professional shops or home garages with a ceiling as low as 7 feet 6 inches. The Amsan four post lift is a rugged design manufactured to provide shop owners with high-quality car lifts at an affordable price.

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4 post alignment lift-AM-AL11


AM-AL11 11,000LB four post wheel alignment car lift is a heavy-duty alignment lift suitable for cars, vans, minibusses, pickup trucks, etc. Packed with safety features this lift is designed professionally and rugged built to last for alignment service work and other vehicle repairs. AM-AL11 comes with a lock ladder installed in each post and all four posts’ locks are activated simultaneously with the power unit post. If you need alignment work done on vehicles every day, then this is the lift for you!

This above ground four post alignment lift incorporates an innovative design that contains features like a reliable and user-friendly design, one side lock release system that makes it faster for shop mechanics to bring the lift down, a long slip plate, and adjustable turntable positions to accommodate different kinds of wheelbases.

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4 post alignment lift 13000lb-AM-AL13


State-of-the-art, 13,000-lb lift capacity AM-AL13 alignment lift is designed and manufactured to commercial grade standards. This four post alignment lift comes with turnplates in the runways to maximize the convenience for the toughest professional lifting jobs. This heavy-duty alignment lift is suitable for cars, vans, minibusses, pickup trucks, etc. Rugged design and manufactured to provide commercial shop owners with high-quality lifts at a reasonable price.

This four post alignment lift is built to commercial-grade standards that will provide service for many years. Its exclusive features can not be found on many of our competitor’s lifts. Our alignment lifts have many structural and cosmetic features that are found on vehicle lifts costing thousands of dollars more. High strengthens cable system powered by 220 volts, 1PH power unit used to raise and lower the lift. This above ground four post alignment lift integrates an innovative design with features such as a dependable user-friendly design. One side lock release system allows shop technicians to lower the lift quickly. This makes it faster for shop mechanics to bring the lift down. A long slip plate and adjustable turntable positions make it possible to load a wide range of vehicles.

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