Banner - 3 Great reasons to buy a car lift

1. Optimizes your garage space

What is a storage lift?

The storage lift is great for storing parts, tools, and other goods in a space-saving and effective manner. When compared to overhead storage racks, the storage lift occupies up to 85% less area as a vertical storage option. There are many options for car storage lifts, the most common storage lift is 4 post car lift. This car lift uses the vertical space in your garage to raise one vehicle off the ground so that another vehicle may be parked underneath it. These vehicle storage lifts are safe, can bear a lot of weight, and are simple to use on a daily basis for homeowners. They can be used for more than just storing vehicles. Here is the list of few seasonal items that can be stored on 4 post car lift:


Lawn mowers

Snow Blowers

Camping Equipment


Boating Equipment

And much more.

Here are Some other questions that people also ask. You can check out our buyers guide page to get answers for these questions or give us a call at 888-970-0508 or write us an email at info@amsan.ca

How do I move the 4 post hoist?

Is it safe to store car on 2 post lift?

How much height do you need for a 4 post lift?

Can you park a car under a 4 post lift?

How do you store a car lift?

What is a 4 post lift good for?

Do you need to anchor a 4 post lift?

Can you change tires on a 4 post lift?


2. Vehicle repair is much easier

If you’re planning to work underneath your vehicle safely and more efficiently you must buy a car lift. Although you may not need to lift multiple tonnes, you must get your Vehicles up, fixed, and out of your shop as quickly as feasible. That is why you need to choose Amsan Automotive lifts. Our auto lifts are designed and built to last, whether you’re undertaking substantial repairs or basic maintenance, ensuring long-term performance.


3. Maximizing your Parking Space

Parking lifts can help you maximize the parking space for commercial as well as residential environments. If you need extra storage space, consider using a parking lift to lower your vehicle out of the way or stacking vehicles one on top of the other. There are many various types of parking hoists, making it difficult to choose the best one. Amsan Sales Ltd. has experts on hand to assist you in making the best selection possible so you can get the most out of your investment. Whether you are a real estate developer, builder, architect, or private buyer, AmsanPark’s tailor-made consulting and design services can help you solve most parking problems. Please check our selections for in-ground and above ground parking lifts.

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